Better, faster asbestos risk assessments.

Significantly improve quality of asbestos risk assessments

An asbestos survey is mandatory for the management of asbestos within any premises.

The asbestos testing and inspection are structured to minimise the risk of asbestos- containing material (ACMs) being missed. The process involves five main stages toward management plan of action and thus requires large documents and a lengthy process toward total compliance with regulatory standards and mitigation of risk of asbestos damage and removal.

Velappity has the ability to compile unique forms and documents in the inspection process of asbestos for business requirements. Thus, mitigating any risk of asbestos outbreak and duly checks to ensure total safety.

Achieve higher standard results for your business


Mobile digital capture forms create automatic reports, increasing the efficiency and productivity, minimising any time wasted.

Easy to Use

Structured to gather the information you need along with photographs and signatures, which are taken and automatically embedded in the report.


Output documents complete and comprehensive, while still allowing for editing after the inspection has been completed.

Your Documents

Based on your own risk assessment & inspection forms, design bespoke documents.


No signal? No problem! Never lose any important data due to poor connection, offline mode allows you to sync gathered information at your next convenience.

Report Storage

Each and every report is stored in a searchable database which will allow fast and simple recovery of any document.

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