Easily create and manage complex risk assessment and inspection forms

Tailored specifically to you

The forms module is uniquely designed to eliminate the drawbacks associated with field-based risk assessments, audits and inspections. Velappity’s forms module also produces branded risk assessment and inspection documents instantaneously, which can either be completed within the forms created by Velappity or designed bespoke to your business requirements.

Improve the efficiency, costs and laborious task generated in field-based work.

Saved Admin Time
Jobs Completed
Active Users

Applicable to all types of forms


Risk Assessments


Incident Reports

Create a more sustainable business, digitising form creation

Easy Form Creation

Build and finalise risk assessment and inspection documents easily, improving workers adoption levels and ensuring best practice

Produce Branded Documents

Uniquely brand all risk assessments and inspection forms to ensure consistency and professionalism

Offline Mode

No signal? No problem! Never lose any important data due to poor connection, offline mode allows you to sync gathered information at your next convenience.

Fully Compliant

Be confident in compliance, with mandatory fields, calculations and intuitive actions.

Variety of Options

Velappity is a flexible software solution, which means it is applicable to multiple industries and professions. No task too big or too complex.

AI Capabilities

Highly intelligent software, built from innovative concepts and the latest technologies. Significantly improving the risk assessment process.

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