Save time and reduce costs in your legionella risk assessments

Velappity makes creating forms, capturing data and building reports easy. Sign up now to arrange a 30 day free trial.

    Electronic Forms

    Electronic forms in Velappity enable field staff to capture test results quickly and easily within the parameters of your testing criteria.

    Maintain Standards

    Velappity’s compliance module ensures issues can be reported in real-time to allow for swift action to maintain your compliance.

    Real-time Communication

    Client portal test results and resultant remedial action plans can be seen in real-time without the need to wait for reports.

    Build Reports

    Create required inspection documents to your specification with the ability to capture data, signatures and photos.

    Demonstrate Compliance

    Velappity’s integrated compliance module links relevant documents, reports, recurring tasks and communicates these via the client portal.

    Offline Mode

    If field staff are on-site with no signal – no problem. Work offline to complete inspection reports and sync when back online.

    ChemTech Consultancy use Velappity to improve their efficiency

    Velappity can ensure your risk assessors spend 100% of their time on-site and not in the office working on reporting tasks. Listen to what Alan Watson from ChemTech Consultancy has to say on how Velappity has improved his operations.