Raise compliance actions on-site for swift action

Velappity’s integrated compliance module enables you to manage multiple assets from anywhere via web or mobile. Complete inspection tests, update information, raise non-compliances and report all within the app for a full audit trail and quick action management for full compliance.

Full asset management in one place

Store all client asset information in Velappity and view at a glance: asset type, name, serial number and location. Filter to keep relevant data to hand. Access details on specific assets to create recurring or reactive jobs per asset.

Raise issues for quick action management

Automatically generate issues from test failures. Issue types are bespoke to your requirements and test procedures. Raising issues creates an issues list, showing the description, asset information and status.

Establish routine monitoring

Create new monitoring visits to your schedules. A site visit will automatically collate all tests required for that site, giving field staff the information they need to complete all tests required on any particular site.

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Tailored inspection regimes

Velappity is flexible to cater for all types of inspections and therefore can be tailored to multiple industries. Within a fully customisable platform, you determine the asset types for inspection, how this will be measured, the test parameters the asset should remain within and the frequency of testing.

Fully visible audit trail

Instant access to all results provides a full audit trail for all information, ensuring you are prepared for all audits and can demonstrate compliance to industry HSE regulations.

Improved customer relationships

Velappity’s online client logbook provides access to key information for all stakeholders. With all data readily available at a glance, clients have access and responsibility for their own assets and communication is improved.

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