The Velappity video resource library is a guide to all areas of Velappity with short easy to follow videos, helping you get started quickly as well as client testimonials.

Velappity Overview

This overview demo video will give you an introduction to all the features of Velappity so you can get started with your risk assessments. Alternatively you can watch any of the videos below to see individual features.

Video Tutorials

1. Introduction to Clients and Sites

2. Jobs List

3. Create Job Recurrence

4. Create Reactive Jobs

5. Job Allocation

6. Complete Job on Handheld Device

7. Review and Complete Job

8. Client Portal

9. Form Creation

10. Microsoft Word Plugin

11. Managing Compliance

12. Mobile Risk Assessment

13. Resource Planner

14. Mobile Settings
15. Creating Company Information

16. Creating Clients and Sites

Client Testimonials

Rock Compliance (ChemTech Consultancy)

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