Eliminate paper based reporting

Field based risk assessments, audits or inspections on paper are open to inaccuracies, misinterpretation and loss of data. With Velappity, recreate current forms and processes in a digital framework to complete inspections on-site, on any device, giving real time information that can be acted upon swiftly.

Demonstrate compliance

Create mandatory fields, calculations and intuitive actions to demonstrate and maintain compliance.

Branded documentation

Uniquely brand all risk assessments, inspection forms and reports for consistency and professionalism.

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Scalable for complex tasks

Velappity is a fully flexible solution, applicable to multiple industries and professions. No task is too big or complex.

Work offline and sync later

No signal? No problem. Never lose any important data due to connectivity issues. Offline mode lets you gather information and sync when you are back online.

Improved process with AI

Velappity is highly intelligent and intuitive software built from the latest technologies, significantly improving the risk assessment process.

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