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End-to-End Assessment, Inspection & Compliance Solution for more efficient, profitable and intelligent operations.

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Velappity is a comprehensive EHS management, risk assessment and compliance solution that enables your entire business operations to be optimised for greater efficiency in qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Targeting the three main areas of EHS productivity: assessing, monitoring and reporting risks, in one platform. Whilst also establishing quick, clear communication with your clients.

Great features to suit your business needs

Incident Reports

Build and finalise incident documents acccuractely and quickly, capturing signatures and photos for easy resolutions


Create specific and scheduled audits to ensure records are fair and true of organisational process. Include multiple assets and liabilities based upon audit type.

Work Offline

No signal? No problem! Never lose any important data due to poor connection, offline mode allows you to sync gathered information at your next convenience.

Risk Assessments

Mitigate and prevent risks, building proficient risk assessment documents with specific parameters and issue definitions


Integrate organisational compliance, linking relevent records, documents and reports with recurring tasks and communicating with clients via the portal.

Cloud Security

Built with well-architected cloud functionality, providing a secure, scalable system and the protection of vulnerable information.

Velappity Industry Uses

Legionella Control

Automate and save time on your HSE ACoP L8 or ASHRAE 188-2018 legionella risk assessment production and legionella control regime management. Multiple, reputable water management organisations trust the Velappity software to carry out their important legionella risk assessments each day.

Fire Safety

Velappity is a mobile risk assessment and inspection app that eliminates the need for paper-based form filling and associated administrative overheads. Designed to quickly carry out fire safety risk assessments and inspections for small, medium or large organisations for their own internal compliance or as a service to their customers.

Retail Auditing

Velappity as a forms app can compile and produce the necessary audit report and document as required by a brand. It limits the liability of human error and significantly reduces the duration of time spent gathering information and creating a report. Thus, allowing retailers to create their own audits to their specific needs and producing full, branded reports.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Environmental health and safety risk management is complex and involve site visits, data capture, inspection and risk documentation as well as setting up monitoring and control regimes. This can all be time consuming and expensive. Velappity reduces the cost and time with an end to end solution to assessment, monitoring and reporting.

"The adoption and utilisation of Velappity has streamlined our processes and improved productivity."

Clearwater | Water Treatment Specialists

Work smarter, not harder

Increase Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your office and mobile workers with a connected web and mobile application that allows you to schedule, collect and send completed job reports instantly.

Reduce Waste

Reduce your ecological footprint, digitising existing paper-forms, creating a sustainable business model more applicable to business goals and objectives.

Reduce Costs

Decrease the unnecessary cost implications associated with manual operations and time spent on administrative tasks and collecting data, making your business more profitable.

Improve Productivity

Never miss a routine action again. Powerful software solution ensures that complete, necessary forms are created quickly and reported straight to clients.

Client Reports

Give your clients the true benefit of direct communications with instant reporting and access to their own documentation. Maintain connections to impress and build mutually valuable relationships with your cleints.

Compliance Regulator

Manage all assets and control sensitive information based upon your particular requirements. Be confident in your organisational complaince.

legionella risk assessment

ChemTech Consultancy

ChemTech Consultancy utilise Velappity to drastically improve the efficiency of their Legionella risk assessment process.

Lakeside Water

Lakeside Water significantly improves the efficiency and reporting quality of their Legionella Risk Assessment and management process.

Clearwater Ltd.

Velappity presents a comprehensive tool for water management and Legionella risk assessments, drastically reducing time and operating capital investment.

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