Communication improves customer relationships

Improve collaboration with instant access to results, non-compliance and monitoring actions for clients and stakeholders. Key information is available at a glance and can be professionally branded with company logo and details.

Save time with instant reporting

Save time spent writing up documentation and reports. Share results in real time with stakeholders, ensuring field staff can spend 100% on-site and not in the office report writing.

Automatically update issues for smooth and efficient management

Any issues reported or updated are automatically updated in the client portal, ensuring customers remain in control of remedial actions and compliance procedures are followed.

Clear view of all site visits

A simple calendar view provides instant details of all scheduled, previous and reactive jobs, ensuring all stakeholders know the status of all visits and can plan accordingly.

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Set access levels for added security

Multiple sites can be stored in the Velappity customer portal. Access can be set at an organisational level giving the client full control over their information, security and access levels.

Reduce time spent on admin tasks

Record keeping can easily be delegated to the appropriate person, reducing administrative burdens and maximising productivity.

Visually categorise site visits

Frequency of site visits can be categorised with colour coding. Valuable information can be reached in as few as two clicks to see the required information quickly.

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