Streamline issue reporting and management with clients and stakeholders

Deliver competent results with electronic logbooks

Velappity’s compliance module additionally offers an online compliance logbook for your customers so key information is available to the end client at a glance. No more paper-forms left on site, no more folders of assets and test results, and no more phone calls chasing documentation. All these details will be managed using our client portal.

Our client portal can be branded with your company logo and information. Velappity clients offer this as a service to their customers.

Upgrade your risk management reporting and collaboration

Instant Reporting

Send clients reports and updates instantly, eliminating time wasted liaising and business cost of writing up official documentation.

Site Access

Store multiple sites for an organisation. Secure access at organisation or site level and view logbook entries

Monitoring Visits and Jobs

Viewing details about site activity couldn’t be easier. With a simple calendar view, you can see all site visits and reactive jobs instantly.


Visits are categorised into how often they occur using colour codes. Reach valuable information in two-clicks and easily see required information.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Mitigate organisational workload, allowing easy delegation of routine record keeping tasks to the actual customer.

Issue Management

Issues can be managed from the Velappity web application, which automatically updates the client portal. Giving your customers control and ensures they follow compliance procedure.

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