Save time, reduce costs and drive productive operations

Velappity health and safety inspection software streamlines processes, saving time and reducing costs while ensuring you remain compliant to industry health and safety regulations.

Streamline Inspections

Recreate current processes and forms digitally, enabling field workers to complete inspection forms on mobile and tablet devices.

Instant Reporting

With non-compliances raised while on-site, issues can be assigned and actioned quickly to maintain compliance to industry health & safety regulations.


Velappity’s client portal/online logbook provides visibility of health & safety inspection results and action management for all stakeholders.

Build Reports

Create required health & safety inspection documents to your specification with the ability to capture data, signatures and photos.

Demonstrate Compliance

Velappity’s integrated compliance module links relevant documents, reports, recurring tasks and communicates these via the client portal.

Offline Mode

No signal? No problem. Offline mode ensures you can complete inspection forms offline and sync when back online to update reports.

Velappity | End-to-End Risk Assessment Software

Health and safety risk assessment and management

Capture health and safety inspection results quickly and accurately, with immediate access to results to allow for swift action to maintain and demonstrate compliance to all health and safety regulations.

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