Legionella Risk Assessment Software

Automate and save time on your legionella risk assessment processes and maintain compliance to HSE ACoP L8 and BS 8580 (-1).

Comprehensive digital legionella risk assessments

Velappity’s user-friendly application helps you follow best practice for carrying out large legionella risk assessments. Perform on-site risk assessments, anywhere, anytime, with the ability to build and integrate your own test definitions and procedures to suit your field workforce.

HSE ACoP L8 and BS 8580(-1) highlights and sets mandatory standards for the requirement of having clear and coherent legionella risk assessment reports. Thus, digitally recording data will significantly mitigate the issues of data loss, illegible text and poor record keeping. Our handy Legionella Risk Assessment Guide explores this further.

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Specialists in water management

Velappity is uniquely designed to match the expectations of the water management industry, in preventative action of legionella. For this reason Velappity product specialists engage with professional bodies such as the Water Management society, and often feature in the Waterline Journal.

Watch our most recent event video taken at the Water Management Society, Legionella: Regs, Risks and Responsibilities event at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Confident, compliant legionella control

Incident Reports

Build and finalise incident documents acccuractely and quickly, capturing signatures and photos for easy resolutions


Create specific and scheduled audits to ensure records are fair and true of organisational process. Include multiple assets and liabilities based upon audit type.

Work Offline

No signal? No problem! Never lose any important data due to poor connection, offline mode allows you to sync gathered information at your next convenience.

Risk Assessments

Mitigate and prevent risks, building proficient risk assessment documents with specific parameters and issue definitions


Integrate organisational compliance, linking relevent records, documents and reports with recurring tasks and communicating with clients via the portal.

Cloud Security

Built with well-architected cloud functionality, providing a secure, scalable system and the protection of vulnerable information.

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