Automate and save time on your legionella risk assessment production. Multiple, reputable water management organisations trust Velappity to carry out their important legionella risk assessments each day.

Comprehensive digital legionella risk assessments

Velappity’s user-friendly application helps you follow best practice for carrying out large legionella risk assessments. Perform on-site risk assessments, anywhere, anytime, with the ability to build and integrate your own test definitions and procedures to suit your field workforce.

HSE ACoP L8 and BS 8580(-1) highlights and sets mandatory standards for the requirement of having clear and coherent legionella risk assessment reports. Thus, digitally recording data will significantly mitigate the issues of data loss, illegible text and poor record keeping.

Specialists in water management

Velappity is uniquely designed to match the expectations of the water management industry, in preventative action of legionella. For this reason Velappity product specialists engage with professional bodies such as the Water Management society, and often feature in the Waterline Journal.

Watch our most recent event video taken at the Water Management Society, Legionella: Regs, Risks and Responsibilities event at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Confident, compliant legionella risk assessments


Constructed with the latest technology and up-to-date software to ensure speedy data collection, with no buffering or delays.

Easy to Use

Clickable, perfected user interface to ensure clear and orderly usability when carrying out risk assessments


Proficient and intelligent software to improve operational efficiency

Your Documents

Create bespoke legionella risk assessments to ensure consistency in process that is most natural and easy for your business


Globally access this application 24/7. With additional offline features, expect no data loss without connected signal, ensuring effortless workflow.

Cloud Storage

Built with well-architected cloud functionality, providing a secure, scalable system and the protection of vulnerable information.

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What will my Legionella risk assessment form look like when I use your software?
How do I capture photos and upload them to the form?
How do I create my asset list?
Can I share the report documents with my clients?
What will my Legionella risk assessment form look like when I use your software?

Your risk assessment will look exactly how you want it to look. Pulsion are aware the Risk Assessment you create is a specific selling point for the service you provide. The Velappity solution will be able to create the document created to your specific requirements. Velappity has an easy-to-use report builder which allows complete flexibility for the look and feel of the Risk Assessment you create.

How do I capture photos and upload them to the form?

Capturing photos is so easy with Velappity. You simply take your picture using your inbuilt camera on your mobile device and the software automatically adds this picture to your data capture form and automatically embeds all photos in the desired place in the final report document. So you no longer have to drag and drop images after the inspection is complete.

How do I create my asset list?

Velappity has the ability to quickly create an asset register while on site, simply add the each asset found, capture the information you need to capture and each asset creates a separate line on the asset register. The asset register is automatically created into a word document which can be shared with the client.

Can I share the report documents with my clients?

Absolutely – you can create your report documents to your own specific branding and layout requirements or those of your customers. These documents can be used for your own internal records or as part of a service that you provide to your customers. They are completely flexible – you can create long or short form reports with as much or as little information collected as required.

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