Integrated compliance solution

Velappity has a comprehensive compliance module allowing your organisation to create, manage and report on all types of assets.

Your field-based staff can complete all tests on site, through their mobile app, which will update the asset information, automatically raise any issues or non-compliances, and send updates to an online client logbook. Giving your clients full access to test results and a complete audit trail.

All your assets on one platform

Velappity’s asset register stores all your client’s assets in one place. At a glance you have visibility over the asset type, the name of the asset, associated serial number, and which client site the asset is located. The list can be filtered and refined, so you have the relevant data to hand. With two simple clicks, you could see all site information and would be able to identify each fire extinguisher at that particular site.

Furthermore, you can access more details on specific assets in your list, which then allows you to create any recurring or reactive jobs on the individual asset.

Easily manage issues

Issues are automatically generated if any tests should fail on site. Issue types are fully flexible and bespoke to your requirements. Once an issue is created, you can access these via the ‘Issues List’, which shows the description, asset information, priority and the status of the issue.

The client portal will highlight any issues raised on each site visit and also permit clients acess.

Establish routine monitoring

Creating new monitoring visits with Velappity is easy and agile to suit your business needs. Monitoring visits are flexible and are set up for any frequency. When a site visit is due, the app will automatically collect all the due tests for that site.

For your field-based staff, when they arrive on site they have access to all the locations within the building and can systematically complete all necessary tests on various assets types.

Tailored inspections

An inspection test is made from various components. Velappity has the flexibility to cater for all types of inspections and can be setup depending upon the sector that you work in.

Within our customisable platform, determining what the asset type may be, how this is measured, what the compliant parameters are and how often this should be tested, is all easily managed.


Systems are a way that Velappity can group certain assets. For example, in legionella compliance monitoring there may be systems such as Domestic or Cooling Towers. Systems help organise site visits and assign the correct skills. Assets can be grouped on site so particular systems are tested together.

Asset Types

You can create different asset types, whether that be a fire extinguisher, a TMV, or a boiler. This will determine which inspection test is relevant when creating an actual asset on site. When you create a new asset and select ‘boiler’ from your list, then the associated checks and frequency will be automatically added to your site visit next time you attend!

Measurement Type

The compliance module accommodates any type of asset, and moreover what is being measured. Is this a temperature? Pressure? Visual check? Simply create the measurement type and the unit name and add it to your tests.

Test Definition

Now you know the asset type, and what you need to measure, you can create the test definition in order to enforce compliance rules and define what happens should the test fail. From this section, you can select the parameters, and any text that should be raised on your report should the test pass, or what issue is raised on fail. You want to check a cold-water tap, if the temperature is over 20 °C, then Velappity will raise an issue to state the temperature is too high. If its within guidelines, a statement can also be added to confirm compliance.

Test Frequency

You can create test frequencies within our compliance module, allowing you to customise how often a specific asset type should be tested. This will be pulled onto your mobile device when they are due. You could test a boiler every 6 months, and a hot water tap every month, however the app will show what is due on each visit.

Straightforward Client Reporting

In addition to the compliance module, Velappity offers an online client logbook.  Key information is readily available to the end client at a glance; improving communication and giving clients acess and responsibility for their own assets. No more paper-forms left on site, no more cumbersome folders of assets and test results and no more phone calls chasing documentation!

Our client portal can be professionally branded with your company logo and details. Velappity clients offer this as a service to their customers.


Our client portal can store multiple sites for an organisation. Site information including a photograph, address and contact details are stored within each account. You can navigate to a specific site to see all the historical visits, the test results, and any issues that have been identified.

Monitoring Visits and Jobs

Viewing details about your site activity couldn’t be easier. With a simple calendar view, you can see all your previous site visits and reactive jobs at a glance. Any issues are highlighted to ensure nothing is missed. Visits are categorised into how often they occur using colour codes.


Allow your customers to access an overview of all issues raised from tests carried out on their sites. Issues can then be managed from the Velappity web application, which will automatically update the client portal, or via the client portal itself. This gives your customers the control over remedials and ensures that they follow compliance procedure.

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