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Digital transformation has been taking place across all sectors and work processes for a while now but many companies still hold on to traditional practices. While there can be many good reasons for doing this – having to learn a new system or multiple systems, increased costs, – the benefits that can be achieved by ‘going digital’ or ‘paperless’ far outweigh the possible negatives. Especially for companies that conduct risk assessments, there are many advantages of transitioning to a digital approach. Here are just some of the big benefits our customers have noticed when going paperless with their risk assessments. 

Easier Admin 

One of the main reasons that so many risk assessors switch to digital is to simplify their admin. With a paper-based system, or even using spreadsheets, data needs to be pulled together from multiple documents and there is plenty of room for mistakes to be made. The more paper documents involved, the longer it takes to generate reports for clients. 

Before Clearwater started using Velappity, they had to manually fill in paper forms for the 10,000+ assessments they carry out per year, then transfer the data to digital forms – duplicating their time and effort. After they switched to paperless with Velappity they were able to reduce admin write up by 90%. By having a digital solution that can handle the complexity of your risk assessments you can drastically reduce the work required per assessment and eliminate a backlog of admin by sending reports out the same day. 


A key benefit to choosing a digital solution for your risk assessments is added security. As previously mentioned, working with multiple paper documents can lead to mistakes being made or important data being lost. With a digital solution, you can rest easy knowing your data is stored in the cloud and across multiple devices. Many are wary, however, that loss of data could occur more easily with a digital solution due to files not being saved properly or accidentally deleted, which is why choosing the right digital risk assessment is so important.  

Automate processes 

Another key advantage of paperless risk assessments is that you can take full advantage of automation and AI to create time-saving solutions. Instead of manually inputting all data into a spreadsheet to then be manually written up as a report, you could have one system that will do most of the work for you. With Velappity’s mobile app and Microsoft Word plug-in, the forms you complete on the app are not only ready to view on Velappity, they are already in a Word format so you can instantly generate a branded report with all necessary sections filled in. You can also set large paragraphs of text to be generated from simple yes/no fields, saving time and errors when recommending further actions to clients.  

Save Time and Money 

While many of these are strong reasons for digitally transforming your risk assessments, by far the most compelling reason for choosing a digital solution is the savings you can make in both time and money. With an efficient digital solution, you can save time in survey and report write-ups, meaning more time for assessments. 

ChemTech Consultancy were struggling with the amount of time required for assessors to write up reports following their surveys. Their assessors were only able to spend about half of the working week on site carrying out inspections because of this. Once ChemTech adopted a digital risk assessment solution with Velappity they were able to make huge time-savings and allow their risk assessors to complete more jobs. Alan Watson, the Managing Director of ChemTech Consultancy said this – “The introduction of Velappity has allowed our risk assessors to be more efficient on site and enabled us to schedule them for a full week’s work, rather than in the past a half week’s work off-site and a half week’s work on-site, so the time saving there has been significant”. By saving time on your risk assessments your assessors can spend more time where they’re most valuable and allow you to schedule more jobs.  


If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a digital risk assessment solution, we’re more than happy to chat with you and let you see how Velappity works with a Free Trial. Get in touch today and see how your productivity can be transformed. 

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