The Velappity Word Extension supports Windows, but not MacOS.


Prior to installation please close all instances of Microsoft Word.


The zip file containing the setup files is available from Velappity website. You can access the download from the Forms List page:

You can also access the zip file from any Template List page:

Download this file and save it to your computer.


Right click the downloaded zip file and click “Extract All…”. Follow the screens as shown to extract the file:


From the extracted files, double-click “setup.exe” to install the plugin.


If you receive a “Windows protected your PC” warning, click on the More Info link:

Then click the Run anyway button:


Click on the Install button:


Once successfully installed, click on the Close button:

Log-In Guide

Starting the extension

Click on the Login button:

Then enter your Velappity login details, and click the OK button:


Form Selection

Select the Form you are making a template for from the Form drop-down here:

The Form drop-down allows you to select from any published Form on your Velappity account.

Control Tag Selection

Now that a Form has been selected, you can select what content you want to be added to the document. First select the Section (& Sub Section if used) from the Section & Sub Section drop-downs. Then select the Control to add from the bottom Control drop-down.

Once you’ve selected the control you want to add, make sure the cursor is where you want the tag inserted, then click the Add button to insert a tag into your document.
After clicking Add, the tag should appear on the document:
The Tag’s text is the Control name, which may be truncated for Controls with long names. When a document is generated from the template, the tag will be replaced with the data which was entered to the Control when completing the Job. In this case, the Control is a Checkbox, so the value will be true/false.

Verbose Values

Some Controls in Velappity Forms can have Verbose Values added to them. The controls which support Verbose Values are Dropdowns, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

If Verbose Values have been set up on a Control they will be selectable as individual items from the Control drop-down in the Word Extension. When inserted to the template as a tag they will insert the text entered for that Verbose Value on the Velappity website rather than the data entered to the Control.”

Job Tag Selection

This section of the ribbon allows you to create tags in the template using additional details about a JobClient or Site which are stored on Velappity. Again, you can select the exact tag and then, with the cursor where you want the tag inserted, click the Add button to create the tag.


The Grouping section allows you to apply a few rules to your tags. First, click on a tag that you have created, then click the ‘title’ of the tag:

Once the title is selected, the “Group”, “Delete if empty” and “Delete if tag empty” buttons will become enabled.Grouping tags is a feature used as part of Repeatable Sections and Grid Input Sections.Tags within a group will be repeated for that repeatable section.The Delete if empty will remove the whole group if everything inside that group is empty.The Delete if tag empty option will the whole group if the specified tag is empty.The distinction between these two options is that the Delete if empty applies to many tags as part of a group. The Delete if tag empty applies to one tag within a group.


Design Mode

Enabling Design Mode will show tags more clearly in the form:

This format makes it easier to see all the tags in your document without selecting each one individually. This makes it easier to see which parts of the template will be populated with data from a Job when the document is generated.