Use Microsoft Word To Automatically
Create Custom Risk Inspections Forms

How It Works?

We have a free Microsoft Word Add-In called the “Velappity“. Installation is easy, quick and free!

Once you have this Add-In installed you can then log into the new “Velappity” tab in the topbar ribbon area of Microsoft Word. From here you will be able to login to the Velappity API. Once logged in you will be able to select any published form from your account to work on directly for MS Word.

Now that you have the form selected you can add/edit/delete Sections, Sub Sections and Controls into your form. This is done using Tags and depending on the type of control you add you will have different options to populate such as Checkbox controls with True/False options or more custom options.

This extension also works with “Design Mode” in Word which allows you to visualise the formatted document with your sections and tags in place. This allows you to visually build the form and place the tags and labels in the correct position. You have freedom to create the report you want so using tables can also help keep complex data structured.

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