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As we welcome in the start of this year and a new decade, you will no doubt be settling back into work and sending your field staff out to begin their calendar of safety checks for your clients. Are you starting 2020 with the same old tired routine or are you prepared to embrace new technology that will streamline your operations and cut your reporting time in half?

With Velappity, that is exactly what you can do. Not only can you reduce reporting time but you can also dramatically reduce costs and get more done. Who wouldn’t want to start the year in that way?

We have clients who have done exactly that and never looked back. Take for example, ChemTech Consultancy. Since implementing Velappity they have ensured that their field assessors spend 100% of their time on-site carrying out risk assessments for clients. Prior to using Velappity, their field staff spent 50% on-site and 50% of their time back at the office preparing reports from their assessments.

It’s not only time you can save by implementing Velappity – the time saved in improvements in productivity and efficiency mean you can save on costs and achieve significant return on investment for implementing Velappity.

Return on investment is a key factor in choosing to implement a new piece of software and we get that, so we worked out some ROI calculations based on industry assumptions to show just what you could save.

As an example, we have looked at an average company spending approximately 200 days per annum writing up risk assessment reports. If the average cost of a risk assessor is £250 per day and there are 5 risk assessors and 3 admin staff then a company could save on average just over £20k per annum by implementing Velappity. Implementing Velappity doesn’t replace the risk assessors – it simply means their time is spent more efficiently, doing what they do best – carrying out risk assessments and not reporting on them.

That’s just our example, all businesses will be different, so why not try our ROI calculator with real data based on your own operations:

Risk Assessment Savings Calculator

Choose Velappity for 2020 and see for yourself the difference it could make to your business.

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