Compliance Management Made Easier with Velappity

Velappity’s integrated compliance module enables you to manage multiple assets from anywhere, on any device, allowing you to maintain and demonstrate compliance. Our health and safety inspection software allows you to complete inspection tests, raise non compliances and report within the app for a full audit trail and quick action management. If you have compliance and monitoring responsibilities in your business, this blog post will explain how Velappity can make compliance management easier and more efficient.

Adaptable to Any Industry

The flexibility of Velappity means that it is adaptable to any industry requirement. The compliance module allows you to create your own asset types and asset lists, which can be amended to suit your own industry needs. You can then create the individual assets along with sites and locations for each asset created, and define the testing parameters and frequency of the inspection tests, in line with the specific requirements relevant to whatever industry you operate in.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

A health and safety software like Velappity can improve productivity as it streamlines processes to get results. In the compliance module, creating a monitoring regime collates all of the asset information and pre-defined test parameters and generates site visits jobs. This means that field staff have their inspection routines outlined for them in one simple to use app.

Automated processes in health and safety software allows for efficiency to be significantly improved. The compliance module can be configured so that issues are automatically raised when assets fail the pre-defined test parameters. Raising issues creates an issues list showing the description, asset information and status. These issue types are bespoke to your requirements and test procedures. For example, if you expect a hot water outlet test to be between 50°C and 60°C, any test result that falls out with this parameter will raise a non-compliance to demonstrate that the outlet is out with the required parameters, and prompting that remedial work needs to be completed. Results from inspection tests can be sent directly to your clients in real time meaning action can be taken swiftly when a non-compliance arises. Instant access to all site visit results also provides a full audit trail of information.

The compliance module also includes a useful feature called ‘quantisation’, when creating a monitoring regime. You can define the quantisation settings when creating a monitoring regime, which will align the inspection tests for different assets. For example, you may have various asset types at a site that require weekly tests, some monthly, or some quarterly or annually. Velappity will collate these tests into one monitoring regime and aims to minimise the number of site visits required by aligning these tests into one visit. Quantisation therefore combines the less frequent tests, such as the monthly tests, into the more frequent tests, usually weekly tests, to reduce the number of site visit. This improves the operational efficiency of your business by streamlining your site visits and saving you time.

Improved Communication

Effective communication improves customer relationships, and a health and safety software like Velappity makes client communication easier and more efficient. The compliance module in Velappity includes access to the client portal feature, meaning that you can set up client accounts to allow your client’s access to the portal, in which they can view site visit reports and the list of issues that have been raised. This allows your clients instant access to results and issues as well as monitoring actions, and the key information is available at a glance and can be professionally branded. Automatic emails can also be configured to notify your clients when jobs have been completed, allowing for improved client communication whilst saving you admin time.

Using a health and safety inspection software for compliance management can improve your reporting time by 50%, allowing your assessors to spend more time on site instead of writing up reports and emails. To see how Velappity could save you time and streamline your compliance processes for a more efficient way of working, start your 30-day free trial now.

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