How a Mobile Risk Assessment App Can Help Improve Client relationships

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Building successful relationships with your customers is fundamental to the success of a business. Having a strong relationship based on trust and communication helps your clients feel more secure, and can contribute to customer loyalty and retention, as well as growth in sales. To achieve a successful relationship with your clients, it is important to communicate effectively with your client and ensure you are being open and transparent at all times. This blog post will explain how a mobile risk assessment app like Velappity can help improve your relationships with your clients through the Client Portal module.

Instant Reporting

Velappity can help improve your communication with your clients, as reports and results can be shared with clients in real time. As soon as a risk assessment or inspection job has been completed, these results and reports can be instantly displayed on the client portal, allowing your client immediate access to the necessary information. This ensures stakeholders are kept informed, and the automated process saves you time and ensures your field staff can spend more time on-site, and less time writing up client emails and completing other administration tasks.

Issue Management

The client portal provides a useful platform for issue management. Any issues that are identified, reported or updated during inspection tests are automatically flagged, ensuring your client is notified and means your clients remain in control of remedial actions, ensuring compliance procedures are followed. This process of alerting your client immediately allows for improved communication and swift action management. All necessary information is available at a glance, and this level of visibility helps build a relationship of trust between you and your client.

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Calendar View of Site Visits

The Velappity client portal provides a clear calendar view, showing instant details of all scheduled, previous and reactive jobs. This ensures all stakeholders know the status of all visits and can plan accordingly. This ensures you and your client remain on the same page, and that all tasks are communicated clearly, reducing any uncertainty about upcoming jobs. The sharing of information builds client trust and ultimately leads to stronger relationships and satisfied customers.

A mobile risk assessment app like Velappity can help you improve your collaboration and communication with your clients through instant access to results, issues and monitoring actions for clients and stakeholders. The client portal helps improve the level of visibility that your client has, helping to establish trust which ultimately leads to a stronger partnership, and ensures your clients remain satisfied with the services they receive.

The Velappity client portal is easy to use, and adaptable to the specific needs of your business. You can add your branding to the platform and customise settings enabling you to share information with your clients in a timely manner based on individual agreements.

Start your 30-day free trial of Velappity and see how a mobile risk assessment app can improve your communication and help you build stronger client relationships.

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