5 Signs You Need a Health and Safety Inspection App


A health and safety inspection app can help your business streamline processes and operations. Your business could we wasting opportunities to save time and money by not implementing a digital solution for risk assessments and inspections. Here are five signs that your business needs a health and safety inspection app.

Business Processes are Time Consuming

Manual data capture and reporting can be a time-consuming process. Instead of inputting data into a spreadsheet that then needs to be manually written up as a report, and emailed out to your clients, you can implement a health and safety inspection app, and have one system that will do all the work for you. A key advantage of a health and safety inspection app is that you can automate processes that would otherwise be time consuming to your organisation.

A health and safety inspection app enables you to digitise paper-based forms ensuring necessary information can be gathered easily on site, on any device. The forms you complete on the app are not only ready to view as soon as they are completed, but they are displayed in a word document or pdf format so you can instantly generate a branded report containing the necessary information. Automating this process means that your risk assessors don’t need to spend hours manually writing up reports and collating data from different spreadsheets or documents, giving them more time to spend on site where they are most valuable. Digitising paper forms also means that you can automate data collection which would previously have been a manual process. For example, instead of manually writing out the date, or the address of the site you are visiting, all of this information can be added automatically onto the report, saving your engineer time, and allowing them to focus on the most important aspects of the inspection.

Field workers are spending too much time doing admin tasks

Are your risk assessors spending too much time writing up reports and completing admin work? Then your business needs a health and safety inspection app. A health and safety inspection app reduces the amount of time your engineers spend writing up or editing reports and emailing clients, allowing your field workers to spend more of their time where they are most valuable, on-site completing risk assessments and inspections. Branded reports are automatically generated, and these can be sent to your clients automatically. This allows your clients to be consistently kept in the loop and improves your communication with important stakeholders, without the time-consuming admin tasks of writing up emails and compiling documentation. Inspection apps often include platforms that can be accessed by clients, where they can easily view the necessary documents and site visit results, ensuring communication remains consistent without the time-consuming administrative duties.

Improve Sustainability

Improving sustainable business practices are important for most businesses at the moment, and if you are looking for changes you can implement within your organisation that are good for the planet, implementing a health and safety inspection app is a good place to start!

Digital transformation is a valuable tool for addressing issues of sustainability within your business, as ethical and sustainable practices are not only good for the planet, but they can be good for business too. One of the biggest examples of this that positively impacts both business and the environment, is implementing digital solutions that enable your business to go paperless. Not only is paper costly and inefficient, but using a paper-based solution, particularly in health and safety, leaves your risk assessments open to inaccuracies and even loss of data. Implementing a paperless approach by using a health and safety inspection app has a significant environmental impact, but it can also contribute to more efficient business operations.

Inefficient Processes are Becoming Costly

If your business is currently using a paper-based approach to completing risk assessments and inspections, a health and safety inspection app will save you time, and therefore money. A paper-based system is not only time consuming, but it can also cause inaccuracies in your data, which can be time consuming to resolve. Paper documents can also easily be misplaced or lost, which is a costly mistake.

With an efficient digital solution, these inefficient processes are eliminated, saving you time and money. You can also save time in survey and report write ups, meaning you have more time for risk assessments and inspections.

Your Business is looking to Improve Security

As we’ve previously highlighted, using a paper-based approach means that documents can easily misplaced or lost. Not only is this costly to your business if the risk assessments need to be re-scheduled, but it is also a security breach and can alarm your clients if they are aware their data is not being handled sensitively and securely. By using a health and safety inspection app, you and your clients can be assured that your data is secure as your data is stored in the cloud and across multiple devices.

If you identify with any of the reasons outlined in this blog post, this is a clear sign that your business should implement a health and safety inspection app to help tackle some of the issues your business is facing. By introducing a health and safety inspection app into your business, you can save time and money by eliminating a backlog of admin tasks, improve your security and ensure your operational processes are efficient.

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