Top Trends in Health and Safety for 2023

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Trends in health and safety management are constantly evolving as new technologies and best practices emerge, which shape the way we work and communicate. Let’s take a look at the upcoming trends that will likely shape the industry in 2023, and how a health and safety inspection app can help increase your productivity over the next 12 months.


Digital transformation has been taking place across all industries for some time now, and this trend of incorporating digital technologies into everyday operations and work processes is only going to accelerate in 2023. Technology is changing the way that health and safety is managed in the workplace and the use of digital tools in health and safety management is expected to increase as technology continues to advance.  These include health and safety inspection apps, virtual reality training, and online risk assessments, which are already are becoming increasingly popular. In particular, implementing a health and safety inspection app allows organisations to improve operational efficiency, and save both time and money by allowing field agents to spend more time on site, instead of completing admin tasks. These tools can also help businesses track incidents, maintain compliance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions about how to improve safety.

Employee Engagement

In 2022, businesses realised the value of a culture of safety within the workplace, and the role that employees play in promoting and maintaining a safe work environment. This is a trend we expect to continue into 2023, meaning businesses will be aiming to involve employees within the safety process, and empower them to raise any concerns they may have about safety. Businesses could also involve employees as in safety training and decision making processes, and use employee feedback to shape health and safety policies and procedures.

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Sustainability and environmental responsibility are becoming increasingly important within the health and safety industry. Ethical and sustainable business practices are not only good for the planet, but they are good for business, which is why we expect the trend towards sustainable practices to continue in 2023 as organisations seek to reduce their environmental impact. This could involve the use of eco -friendly products, the implementation  initiatives to reduce waste, and the adoption of practices that promote sustainable development. The move towards a paperless approach within business is something we are likely to see more of. Not only is paper is costly and inefficient, but using a paper-based solution, particularly in health and safety, leaves your risk assessments open to inaccuracies and even loss of data. Implementing a paperless approach has a significant environmental impact, but it can also contribute to more efficient business operations. We expect to see more organisations implementing health and safety inspection apps in their efforts to work towards achieving a paperless workplace.

Proactive Risk Management

Managing risks within health and safety is a given, but we expect to see a shift towards a more proactive approach in 2023. This means that organisations will be seeking to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they result in accidents or injuries. This could include the use of advanced risk assessment tools, such as a health and safety inspection app, to ensure hazards are identified ahead of time and the necessary steps are taken to mitigate these potential risks. This approach could also include organisations implementing new safety systems, or developing strategies centred around managing and reducing risk.

Overall, in 2023 the health and safety industry is moving towards a more proactive, digital and employee centred approach to managing risks and ensuring a safe work environment. As these trends continue to develop, particularly as technology advances, businesses will need to adapt in order to protect their employees and stay competitive. A health and safety inspection app is vital tool for businesses looking to adapt to these trends.

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