Preparing for 2022: How a Mobile Risk Assessment App can Improve your Productivity This Year

Preparing for 2022: How a Mobile Risk Assessment App can Improve Your Productivity This Year


2021 was both an exciting and challenging year for the team at Velappity, and the wider health and safety industry. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the recent Omicron variant has presented us with some tough obstacles; however, the rise of global vaccinations means that life is slowly getting back to normal. Whilst the world is unlikely to return to the life we knew pre-pandemic, we can still prepare for the year ahead by reviewing the successes in 2021 and analysing upcoming industry trends. Lets take a look at our top predictions for 2022 and how a mobile risk assessment app such as Velappity can help you improve your operational efficiency in the coming year.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Coronavirus is going anywhere anytime soon. The new omicron Covid-19 variant has caused global disruption, seeing a return to remote working for many and additional restrictions being implemented across the UK. A covid-19 risk assessment will need to be completed before employees can return to work safely. Using a Covid-19 risk inspection app, such as Velappity, provides access to a ready made  Covid-19 risk assessment template,  based on the latest UK Government guidelines for staying safe in the workplace during Covid-19.

Using a health and safety inspection app like Velappity will ensure you can demonstrate that your workplace is safe, can provide a quick and easy way to monitor risk on an ongoing basis and keeps all risk assessment records up to date.

Going Digital

Digital transformation has been taking place across all industries for a while, and this trend of incorporating digital technologies into everyday operations and work processes is only going to accelerate in 2022.

Especially for businesses that conduct risk assessments and manage compliance, there are many advantages of transitioning to a digital approach and using a mobile risk assessment app. A mobile risk inspection app such as Velappity will allow you to save both time and money. With an efficient digital solution, you can save time in survey and report write ups, meaning you have more time for risk assessments and inspections. With the Velappity mobile risk assessment app and Microsoft Word Plug in, you can create custom forms which are ready to view on the app as soon as the form is completed. You can then generate a branded report with the necessary information, which can be viewed in a word document or PDF almost instantly.

A paper-based system is not only time consuming, but it can cause inaccuracies in your data and paper documents can easily be misplaced and lost. By introducing a digital solution that can handle the complexity of your risk assessments, you can drastically reduce the work required per assessment, and eliminate a backlog of admin tasks by sending out automatically generated reports on the same day.

Going digital and using a health and safety inspection app within your business can also improve your security, as your data is stored in the cloud and across multiple devices, reducing the likelihood of losing important documents or data, which is common with a paper-based approach.

We predict that more and more businesses will be looking to implement digital solutions in 2022, especially within health and safety. The Velappity mobile risk assessment app is a fully flexible digital solution and is applicable to multiple industries and professions.

Changes to Legislation

There are various changes to legislation scheduled for 2022 which risk assessors in various health and safety industries should be preparing for. There have been changes to fire safety legislation in Scotland which come into force in February of this year, impacting homeowners/landlords and risk assessors alike. There are also new updates to the British Water Quality Standards, including changes to the legionella sampling guidance. You can find out more about these changes during the upcoming webinar hosted by The Water Management Society and sponsored by Velappity.

Introducing a health and safety inspection app to your business will allow you to plan and prepare for these upcoming legislation changes. Velappity allows you to easily make changes to existing forms and risk assessments to make sure your inspections are up to date and in line with the legislation to ensure you are staying compliant. Using a digital approach for managing compliance can improve efficiency and as a direct result, save you time and money.


The climate crisis dominated the news in 2021, especially during COP26 held in Glasgow in November. Ethical and sustainable business practices are not only good for the planet, but they are good for business, which is why we think 2022 will see an increase in companies trying to do their part to curb the climate crisis. A study by Unilever showed that a third of consumers are buying from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. This shows that the demand for environmentally friendly business practices is growing amongst customers, which will drive the trend of sustainability in 2022.

Digital transformation is a valuable tool for addressing issues of sustainability within your business, as technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can automate processes and reduce negative environmental impacts. One of the biggest examples of digital transformation that positively impacts both business and the environment, is implementing digital solutions within your business to go paperless. Not only is paper is costly and inefficient, but using a paper-based solution, particularly in health and safety, leaves your risk assessments open to inaccuracies, misinterpretation, and loss of data. Implementing a paperless approach has a significant environmental impact, but it can also contribute to more efficient business operations.

Velappity is a health and safety inspection software which can assist your business in the move to paperless. With Velappity, you can recreate your current forms and processes in a digital framework and complete your inspections on site, on any device. The results of these inspections are then displayed in a customisable, branded electronic document, which can be shared with your clients virtually. Moving to a digital solution such as Velappity will allow your business to go paperless whilst saving you time and money, and reducing your carbon footprint.

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, its to expect the unexpected. Regardless of what 2022 has in store for us, Velappity can help you transform your business operations to run more efficiently and help prepare you for key trends and events that will occur in 2022. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a digital risk assessment solution, start your free trial now and see how Velappity can transform your business.

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