The Top Benefits of Custom Form Design

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The Velappity risk assessment app includes a custom form designer tool, which allows users to recreate current forms and processes in a digital framework. Within the Velappity form module, you can easily create your own digital forms, which can then be completed on site, on any device, giving you real time and up to date information that can be acted upon swiftly. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of custom form design, and how the Velappity risk assessment app can help improve your business’ operational efficiency.

Go Digital, Save Time

Field based risk assessments, audits or inspections completed on paper are open to inaccuracies, misinterpretation, and loss of data. By going digital and using the Velappity risk assessment app, you can recreate existing forms and processes within a digital environment, allowing you to complete inspections and risk assessments on site, on any device. The Velappity risk assessment app can help you save time in survey and report write ups, meaning you have more time for risk assessments and inspections. With the custom form designer, you can create digital forms which are ready to view on the app as soon as the form is completed. You can then generate a branded report with the necessary information, which can be viewed in a word document or PDF almost instantly.

By introducing a digital solution that can handle the complexity of your risk assessments, you can drastically reduce the work required per assessment, and eliminate a backlog of admin tasks by sending out automatically generated reports on the same day.

Customisable and Flexible

The Velappity risk assessment app and form designer allow you to create forms that are customisable to your business needs. The form designer and Velappity Word Plug-In allows you to uniquely brand all risk assessments, inspections, and reports. This allows your business to maintain consistency and professionalism with all forms that are created within the digital framework. The Velappity word-plug in makes it easy to personalise each document, and completion reports can be reviewed and amended if required, giving you full flexibility and control.

The Velappity form designer is also intuitive and flexible. Forms can easily be duplicated, edited or deleted, and multiple completion reports can be generated from the one digital form, allowing for information to be captured and displayed in numerous ways, depending on the business or client’s preferences. Forms can easily be edited, or controls amended in order to keep up with changes in legislation. Velappity is a fully flexible digital solution, applicable to multiple industries and professions. Our custom form designer allows you to create digital forms for any job. No task is too big or complex.

Increased Functionality

The Velappity form designer provides increased functionality when creating custom forms, in a way that is not possible with a paper-based approach to risk assessments. Within the form designer, you can fully customise and design your digital form from scratch and can choose from a wide variety of controls to ensure the form is tailored to your specific business needs.

Mandatory Questions: Velappity allows you to create mandatory questions within your digital forms. Mandatory questions can easily be identified by the asterisks, and the mobile user will be unable to complete the form until all mandatory questions have been completed. This feature allows you greater control over which information must be gathered during a job and provides your field based workers with additional guidance when completing a job.

Camera controls: Velappity allows you to add camera controls to your form, allowing site engineers to easily capture photographs within during a job, which are directly inserted into the output report. This limits the need for taking a separate camera to photograph assets or sites and reduces the admin time required to edit and add these photos to completed output reports.

Labels: Label controls can be added to the form to provide your field-based workers with specific instructions or guidance when completing a job. The labels will not be shown on the completion report and are only displayed on the handheld form to assist your mobile users.

Signature Control: With the Velappity risk assessment app, you can add signature controls to your digital forms. This feature allows the signatures of either your site engineers or clients to be captured during a job. The signatures will display on the output report as an image.

GPS Control: Easily add GPS controls to your form to capture the exact location of the job, asset, or site. The location will display as coordinates on the completion report.

Date and Time Stamps: The Velappity custom form designer includes date and time controls which can easily be added to your handheld form to capture the date and time of the job. These can also be set up to automatically default to the exact date and time that the job is being filled out, saving your mobile user valuable time during the site visit.

Automated Information: Client and site information is stored in Velappity, meaning that the client’s name, site address and contact information is automatically inserted into the completion report without your mobile user having to gather and input this information manually. Automated processes in Velappity help you save time and money.

It would be time consuming and costly to gather this information manually when using a paper-based solution to risk assessments. These automated processes in Velappity improve the functionality of your forms, helping you to save time and money.

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a digital risk assessment solution with a custom form designer, start your free trial now and see how Velappity can transform your business.

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