6 Reasons to move to a paper-less risk inspections. Part II

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This 2-part blog post covers off the top 6 reasons to move to a paper-less workforce, in particular when considering the important task of tackling risk assessments and inspections.

Part I considered the first 3 reasons, namely increasing productivity, doing things you can’t do with paper and reducing turnaround time and time to invoice.  This final part will tackle the last 3.

Mobilising your workforce and therefore removing the need for paper processes is a ‘step change’ that needs careful management and integration.  However, for those individuals who have responsibility to perform compliance-driven risk assessments and inspections (either for their own company or for their customers), the benefits of a completely digital process are compelling and far reaching.

This 2-part blog post covers off the top 6 reasons to move to a paper-less workforce, in particular when considering the important task of tackling risk assessments and inspections.  Part I will look at the first 3.

Reduce spend and waste

Now that the processes both you and your team are adopting are efficient and productive, you should see a reduction in spend, directly and indirectly.

A more intuitive level of resource allocation could result in reduced travel expenses, if you have a large field workforce.  Furthermore, your workforce may well require less time ‘back at base’ and not have as much reliance on administrative support, therefore reducing the amount of office space necessary to house this function.

Additionally, moving from paper to digital will considerably reduce the need to design and purchase (and keep purchasing) paper forms and cut the waste of throwing out old forms.  Good news for trees!

Improve data quality

The move from paper to digital also presents another significant opportunity – improved data quality.   Having intuitive and consistent data collection methods coupled with access to important data stored in back office systems will improve data quality all round.  Improved data quality will result in the successful achievement of important compliance requirements for you and your customers, the downside of which can be extremely detrimental.

Platform for growth and innovation

Whether it’s simply making life easier for your own internal risk assessments and inspection processes or delivering excellent customer services and remaining ahead of your competition, moving to a digital platform and away from traditional paper-based collection methods opens the door to new opportunities, innovative services and ultimately business growth.

Many business opportunities are being identified in digital data and the subsequent insights available to exploit this data. Companies that do not digitally capture data are at a distinct disadvantage.

We are always happy to hear your views so please do leave a comment.  Alternatively contact us if you have any questions on how to mobilise your workforce.

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