Fire Safety Checklist – what you need to do to make sure you are compliant

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The appropriate checklist in Fire Safety is fundamental to fire prevention and the health and safety of your premises and employees. If you’re responsible for any sort of fire safety in premises or workplaces, a secure fire risk management process is essential. Here’s our top fire safety precautions and prevention tactics, which are all available and can be optimized through the use of Velappity.

  1. Fire Risk Assessments
    The first stage of fire safety checklist is the overall risk assessment, which is mandatory to all businesses. This includes checking for appropriately signalled and designated fire exists and the associated fire safety point outside of the building.
  2. Proper Evacuation Process
    Buildings must have an appropriate fire evacuation procedure and meeting-point out with the building. What also must be conducted is a regular fire alarm check and, in some instances, a fire evacuation practice.
  3. Staff
    One requirement for organisations is to have a fire safety marshal in the workplace, whom takes the responsibility of managing the fire safety process. They are then specifically trained in fire safety and make all staff aware of the evacuation procedure.
  4. Lighting and sprinklers
    The fire safety risk assessment can also include appropriate sprinklers and lighting that would guide and diffuse in the case of a fire.
  5. Fire exit and doors
    Must be clearly signed fire doors and exits, that can be left open and have no obstructions facing them.
  6. Compliance
    Arguably one of the most important elements of fire risk assessment is the compliance and annual scheduling of fire inspections. This includes all of the prior steps and includes the collection and then the storage of documents, which may be called upon in the unfortune instance of a fire.One of the most significant benefits of Velappity in this instance is that all the steps of checks and regulatory procedures can be assessed and carried out using the Velappity application. Velappity can store information, utilising the cloud, and also produce professional branded documents to clients when fire inspections have been conducted, which can then be recalled easily and quickly. Furthermore, the scheduling features allow you to then be reminded of occurring assessments and inspections, and can be upheld for any future needs.

The full checklist can be managed and maintained in Velappity to ensure you are compliant to fire safety procedures. Book a demo with us to see Velappity in action.

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