Client trust built on visibility and transparency

In the final part of this blog series on how Velappity can improve your productivity and efficiency, we will look at how client trust is built on being open and transparent at all time with the client. The Client Portal module in Velappity ensures all stakeholders are informed when it comes to inspection, assessment and audit reports, thus providing a platform for visibility and transparency with your clients.

Over the last couple of blogs, we have shown that digital forms improve efficiency and accuracy and how the Velappity compliance module ensures the results of inspections, audits and assessments can be turned into actionable work quickly. In this final blog, we turn our attention to the Client Portal which offers visibility and transparency to all stakeholders.

With Velappity, you have the ability to create a client login to your system to give them full access to all results and reports. With this feature, they can see at a glance where any issues have been noted, non-compliances have been raised and they can take corrective action quickly to ensure the results can be brought back into acceptable parameters and compliance is met. This level of visibility builds a relationship of trust between you and your client.

With this feature,there is no need to leave paper copies of reports on-site with the client or the client having to wait for the assessor to return to the office to prepare a report. Velappity once again demonstrates that a streamlined, digital process is a better and more efficient way of working.

Improvements in efficiency and productivity with everyone able to view results quickly and therefore, able to take decisive action to solve an issue are a huge benefit but the client portal goes even further. The sharing of information builds client trust and ultimately leads to stronger relationships and satisfied customers.

As with all areas of Velappity, the client portal is easy to use and adaptable to your needs. The portal can be branded to your own company specification and the information shared based on the agreements with your clients.

See the Client Portal in action with a free trial of Velappity.

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