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In my last blog, If your staff rely on forms, give them Velappity I talked about how easy it is to create forms within Velappity. In part two of this series, I want to take you a stage further and show how Velappity can improve your productivity and ultimately help you demonstrate and maintain compliance.

If you have field staff on-site completing inspections, risk assessments and audits, then Velappity is the tool for you. The compliance module allows you to create, manage and report on any asset. With the ability to create and amend these to suit your own asset lists, Velappity is adaptable to any industry requirement.

Create the asset types and individual assets along with site and locations for each asset created. Then define the testing parameters and frequency of tests and the inspection results will determine if the asset is within those parameters or if a non-compliance should be raised against the asset. Real-time reporting and full visibility mean that the non-compliance can be acted upon swiftly to bring it back into the range of the parameters which were set.  

We have already demonstrated how replacing paper-based forms with a digital format can improve efficiency and data accuracy. However, what do you then do with the results of those field inspections? In an ideal world, all inspections will pass the tests assigned. However, we don’t live in an ideal world and a field inspection or audit will most likely result in one or a number of non-compliances. What happens with that information?  In Velappity, staff can raise a non-compliance for an asset directly in the app which will then trigger what work is required to fix the issue.

Velappity is easy to use so creating the initial asset list is intuitive and you can set-up frequency of testing and assign the test to a specific member of staff to complete. 

Compliance in Velappity improves efficiency and productivity because it streamlines processes to get results. By setting up the assets and defining test parameters, field staff have their inspection routines outlined for them on one simple to use app. Results are transmitted to your head office or directly to your clients in real time meaning action can be taken swiftly when a non-compliance arises. Instant access to all site visit results provides a full audit trail of information.

It is simply a better and more efficient way of working for everyone involved.

Our clients report significant time savings since they implemented Velappity, with assessors on-site 100% of the time instead of 50% on-site and 50% off-site as they were doing prior to switching to Velappity.

Let us demonstrate how Velappity could save you time and streamline your compliance processes for a more efficient way of working. Learn more on our EHS solutions with a free demo at a time that suits you. Simply select the time that you would like and we will be available to show how Velappity can help your operations.

Start a free trial of Velappity to see how your risk assessments can be transformed.

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