If your staff complete inspection forms, give them Velappity

Environmental health and safety management is complex, can be time consuming and expensive but that doesn’t have to be the case. EHS software streamlines the entire process b y moving your inspection forms online or onto an app, saving time and money and ensuring your organisation is efficient and can get more done.

In a three-part blog series, I am going to look at each module of Velappity to show how one simple change can streamline your entire operations when it comes to EHS management.  In part 1 I will focus on inspection forms. 

Any field-based risk assessment, audit or inspection which is completed on paper is wide open to inaccuracies, misinterpretation and loss of data. The forms module in Velappity ensures you can recreate your current processes and forms within a digital framework and your inspections can be completed on site, on any device, giving you real time, up to date information that can be acted upon swiftly. 

Velappity makes it easy for you to create and manage your risk assessment and inspection forms. An intuitive, easy to use interface lets you create and build your forms in a few easy to follow steps.

Simply create and name your form, then with drag and drop functionality, you can build your form by selecting the fields, sections and sub-sections you want to display. You can decide if sections should be drop downs, radio buttons or text boxes. Also, whether a section should include an image or a video. With Velappity, you are in complete control of your form creation and can easily edit the form at a later date should you require any changes.

Once created, staff can access the forms from any device while on the job assigned to them to complete an inspection. Real time results are known quickly throughout your organisation without the need to wait for field staff to complete and submit their inspection reports. No signal on site? No problem – Velappity forms can be completed offline and synced to your systems when back online, ensuring no loss of data when offline. 

Easily add your own branding to Velappity to make it unique to your organisation to produce fully branded inspection reports to share with you client.

If you have staff who regularly complete inspection forms as part of their role, then speak to us about what Velappity could do for you and your team. The types of forms Velappity can support include, inspections, risk assessments, audits and incident reports.  These are just some examples – there will be more.

Contact us today to arrange a free demo of Velappity and take the first step towards making your forms digital.

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